Please call me Sara.  I’ve been a Licensed Mental Health Counselor for 28 years.  My Master’s is in Counseling Psychology from Lesley University in Cambridge, MA (1987).

I work with adults, couples and adolescents.  My specialty is counseling adult survivors of childhood sexual and physical abuse.  In the course of a general practice, as mine is, I also see many clients experiencing depression, anxiety and relationship issues.  Often these manifest in major life transitions.

I do a lot with mindfulness and relaxation techniques. I also find Gestalt, Psychosynthesis and Focusing helpful.

My home is my office and I sometimes use my cats and dog as co-therapists.

When I’m not working, I write or play with my 100-year old house, the animals, sing, read or do yard work.

This is my second career.  The first 20 years of my working life were spent as a reporter.